Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Nowadays the “Mystery Shopper” is one of the key tools to improve service quality of many companies. It’s also for those who want to attract new clients or who simply want to know, in detail, about the competition’s activity.

Have you ever wondered what your clients think about your company? Your service?  Your products? Have you asked yourself what does your competitor do better? What do they offer? What do they have over you?

Másquediez can answer all those questions thanks to our discrete “Mystery Shopper” service.

We will visit your company without anyone’s knowledge of who we are and we will analyse in detail each product or service as if we were another client.

We can do the same with your competitors. We can analyse weaknesses to highlight your strengths, look for their positive activities so that you can respond with suitable strategies, check their products, their prices, their sales techniques…

We will be your eyes and ears without any one finding out.